We’re proud of the Turkey Trot and what it means to the community!

November 26, 2020    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
Race begins at 730am


Yes, we know….a virtual race? What is this, the future?  Given the constraints of COVID-19, mainly the limitation on the number of race participants, we’ve decided to move the race virtual to mitigate any negative consequences that may result from a mass gathering. Here’s the details on how we’re planning to operate the race:

Virtual: How does it work?

–The race will occur between 730am and 10 am on 11/26. You are welcome to run/walk the 5K or 1 mile distance at a location of your choosing (including treadmill) during that timeframe and post your time to the Run Signup website where you will have access to your performance compared to other participants.  Your registration will have a link to the posting site so you can share your time easily if you desire.

How will you make this fun for the community?

–Thanks to the generosity of Concord Township, we’re having an incredibly fun “pop up” live broadcast on race day. Yes, you read that correctly! You can run by the pavilion at the Concord Township Park and get a shout out from a live broadcast. Use it as an opportunity to support your fellow runners, don your TT gear, and have a generally fun time!!!

How will you ensure my safety?

–Sadly we’ll have a no-congregating rule at the pop up event.  Face-coverings will be required when running by the pavilion and if within 6 feet of other runners.

Face-coverings? How the heck will I manage that while running?

–Oh don’t worry, friend…we’ve got you covered. This year’s swag? An amazing running gaiter which doubles as a way to keep you warm on your off-season jogs and provides ample face-covering when running in a crowd.  Oh yeah, it’s amazingly cool-looking, sleek, and comfortable.

Posting times on individual courses, how’s that fair?

–Yep, you’re right. It’s not. But neither is being quarantined, homeschooled, working from home, wearing masks, or anything else about this year. But we’re rolling with it to make the best of a difficult situation. We hope you’ll embrace the opportunity as well!

Teams? Why would I do that?

Why not? It’s a fun way to rally a group together and have something to look forward to.  You can also use it as an opportunity to fund-raise for one of the charities by having your team members make donations.  Come up with a fun team t-shirt and don it race day for the live broadcast!

What is a race challenge? THE FUNGI TROTTER RACE CHALLENGE!

We’ve partnered with the Mushroom Cap of Kennett Square to offer our racers a Race Challenge. The FunGi Trotter Race Challenge allows participants to run both events with special perks.  Choose either to save 10% on both races or register for a finishers medal!

We know what you’re thinking…Thanksgiving without the Turkey Trot?

–Never fear lovely people. We’ve got you covered, literally and figuratively.  It’s a tough year, but we’re here to make it as fun as possible, no matter how that may differ from typical. And don’t worry. 2021? We’ll be back, full-force, with a vengeance.

Race Features:
Live broadcast….be a star!

Race posting….you can still see how you stack up! You’ll post through the RunSignup website where you register….it’s easy!

Great swag….a custom facecovering. And don’t forget our awesome winter hat which is available for purchase!

A chance to keep a community tradition alive….it’s the TT! Let’s keep it strong for upcoming years!

Teams? Yes please! Register as a team and create an opportunity for a fun event for your friends and family!

Packet Pickup:
Sadly not this year. We’ll be mailing all swag to registrants. So keep your Wednesday night open for other fun, family gatherings.

Parking map:
If you choose to join us for the live broadcast on race day, you are welcome to park in any township or school lots unless otherwise posted. We will not be regulating traffic or parking this year.


Since this year is virtual, we’re reducing your cost!
Registration: $18.00 (registration must be received online by 4pm November 24th)
Included with registration is a cool running gaiter/face-covering!

Pop Up Live Broadcast Location:
Concord Township Park Pavilion
725 Smithbridge Road
Glen Mills, PA 19342

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Usual Race Course (Run at your own discretion since roads will not be closed this year):

1 Mile Walk/Roll Course: VIEW

5K Run/Walk Course: VIEW

Yes, of course! But we’re changing it up this year.  Keep your eyes posted for a survey about the possible beneficiaries for 2020!